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Robert in the news(paper)

I was interviewed for two articles that were published recently. The NonProfit Times ran the story The Evolution of Donor Management And Its Fundraising Future, which deals with how technology is transforming the way nonprofits interact with donors, particularly online. And the Chronicle of Philanthropy ran ‘But It’s Free!’ and 9 Other Lines About Technology You Don’t Want […]

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Important changes for GiftWorks users

FrontStream, the current owner of GiftWorks, sent me the following notice this week: Hey there Robert, As in the past, we are preparing to upgrade FrontStream CRM (previously GiftWorks 2013) users to the newest version of CRM. This change is in-line with our transition to a subscription-based service. As such, current and new clients are […]

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Lame spams of the day: messages from

I received seven copies of two versions of this spam.  Plain text, no formatting, no logos.  This site lists them as malware delivery devices but doesn’t elaborate on the threat.  Here they are: Senders: Version 1 Subject: Please respond – overdue payment Text: Please find attached your invoices for the […]

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Lame spam of the day: Fake BBC news stories

Like most lame spam, this one lacks any formatting or graphics.  The tricky part is that it’s masquerading as a news story sent to me by a friend, and those typically lack formatting and graphics.  Clues that it’s fake: I don’t know the sender; the sender shows as Wendy Kauffman but the text says it […]

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On the value of donor database ratings

A colleague forwarded the following email from a vendor and asked how I think a potential buyer should respond.  I’ve redacted the message to anonymize the vendor: Dear ____, I thought you might be interested in a recent analysis of low cost fundraising software, conducted jointly by independent organizations Idealware and N-TEN. If you are […]

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More nonprofit software mergers and acquisitions

Last year the big news in my industry was Blackbaud’s acquisition of Convio and the merger/acquisition of Datatel and Sungard Higher Education (now called Ellucian).  2013 is off to a bang with Accel-KKR’s acquisition of Sage’s Nonprofit Solutions Group and iModules acquisition of Harris Connect. The Sage staff I’ve talked to can’t comment publicly until […]

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Lame spams of the day: another roundup

Here’s a selection of messages from spammers who don’t even seem to be trying — no graphics, no attempt to make the links look legit, plain text.  Are these spammers just lazy or do these things actually work?  Bottom line: think before you click.  Hover your mouse over URLs and see where they lead.  And […]

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Lame spams of the day: so many ebills

I got two dozen of these this morning, which may be some kind of record.  This site says they’re malware delivery devices, so do not click on them! A few of the senders: Some of the subject lines said the bills were from AT&T, Verizon, or American Express, bill […]

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Lame spams of the day: Your score apparently changed!

I got a bunch of these this week.  I don’t know what happens if you click the links, but they look like malware delivery vehicles.  They included a variety of graphics that look like typical credit score spam, but the sender addresses are obviously faked and the links look like they point to hacked WordPress […]

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Lame spams of the day: Fake Amazon and PayPal receipts

I got a big batch of these today. They’re similar to the fake Amazon HDTV receipts I wrote about in September. These aren’t as lame-looking as most of the spam I write about: they use the right logos, fonts, and typefaces.  This site says they lead to malware.  The giveaways are: 1) Hover over the […]

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