Implementation Support

Fundraising, membership, and CRM systems need to be configured to support management objectives and daily operations.  Poor database implementations waste time, money, and can cripple the effectiveness of even the most sophisticated systems. 

I do not manage implementations for my clients. I believe that there is a conflict of interest when the same consultant is responsible for both database selection and implementation, as the consultant has an incentive to select a product that s/he is competent to implement.  I maintain informal relationships with independent consultants who specialize in many of the larger databases, CRMs, and Association Management systems.  

During implementations, I am available to:

  • Help you select the best implementation consultant for your project.
  • Advise senior management on implementation strategies.
  • Provide project management support, including advice on timelines; budgets; staffing; policies and procedures; and process improvement.
  • Develop job descriptions and assist in the recruitment of staff who will manage the systems.