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Blackbaud kills Common Ground: So What?

According to the Foundation Center’s analysis of data from the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are approximately 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. According to the Q&A that Idealware conducted with Blackbaud, approximately 400 nonprofits are using the version of Common Ground that’s being killed. That’s about .026 percent of U.S. nonprofits. Obviously, if […]

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Blackbaud kills off Common Ground

Yesterday the news was that Blackbaud had laid off 50 employees it acquired when it bought Convio in May.  In what was said to be an unrelated development, they also announced the departure of Gene Austin, the former CEO of Convio. Today the news is that Blackbaud is killing off Common Ground, one of the […]

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Blackbaud – Convio merger expected to close this week

The Department of Justice signed off on Blackbaud’s acquisition of Convio last week, and it looks like the deal will close this week.  This is just the beginning of the story.  I expect that it will take at least several months, and probably several years, before the dust settles and we know what’s left behind.  […]

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What’s a good donor database?

I’ve been enjoying the discussion in the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s LinkedIn group in response to the question, “What’s a good, affordable donor database program for a small non profit?” (you’ll probably need to join the group to read the responses).  There have been 120 responses so far, and they’ve been all over the map, from […]

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Thoughts on the Blackbaud – Convio deal

Lots of people have already weighed in on Blackbaud’s purchase of Convio (two of my favorites: and Here my perspective.  Disclosures: I have clients that use both companies’ products, as well as products from their competitors, open source products, and homegrown solutions. I don’t invest in these or other companies that I advise […]

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Jay Love leaving Blackbaud

Jay Love, the founder and CEO of eTapestry (and before that, of Master Software), is leaving Blackbaud to become CEO of Social Solutions: I spoke with Jay yesterday and he says that Blackbaud is committed to etapestry and will continue to invest in the product. Time will tell.  

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Blackbaud Report: 2008 Online Giving Trends

Blackbaud has released a summary of early results from its analysis of 2008 online giving trends. The results come from 2,000 nonprofits using Blackbaud’s online fundraising tools. They’ve found: Steady growth throughout the year. There was a slight decrease in online giving during the third quarter but online giving rebounded in the fourth quarter. An […]

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