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Pinterest and privacy

I was planning to check out Pinterest to see what the buzz is about, but their privacy policy gives me the creeps. I can only sign up by linking a Pinterest account to my Facebook or Twitter account. The description on the Twitter link page says this allows them to: Read Tweets from your timeline. […]

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Is Google Evil?

In an opinion piece in this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle called, “Is Google Evil?”, Randall Stross discusses how Google is amassing a wealth of data on its users. This includes documents stored in Google Docs, discussions on Google Groups, personal appointments in Google Calendar, email in Gmail, photos in Picasa, etc. He summarizes his concerns […]

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Pew Survey on Cloud Computing

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has published a study of Americans’ use of "cloud computing," in which data and applications are stored online and are accessible via Web browsers. As more and more nonprofits move to using hosted customer-relationship management tools (CRMs) and venture into the world of social networking sites where data […]

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