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Preventing Fraud on our Online Giving Pages

Guest post by: Vered Siegel, Manager of Development Services Children’s Home + Aid and Kirsten Williams, Associate Director, Gift Services University of Oregon Foundation The Scams The credit card scam/fraud attempt that many nonprofits have experiences starts with a very large online gift from an unknown donor. Shortly afterward, an email arrives saying the amount […]

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Lame spam of the day: Meeting invitation from George Adoo

I’m not sure if this one is lame (the subject, text, and double salutation are certainly lame) or clever.  This spam arrived in the form of a meeting invitation.  My Outlook spam filter (SpamBayes) doesn’t seem to look at meeting invitations, and it also slipped past the SpamAssassin filter on my mail server.  Consequently I […]

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Lame spams of the day: another roundup

Here’s a selection of messages from spammers who don’t even seem to be trying — no graphics, no attempt to make the links look legit, plain text.  Are these spammers just lazy or do these things actually work?  Bottom line: think before you click.  Hover your mouse over URLs and see where they lead.  And […]

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Lame spam of the day: fake Verizon notifications

I got 14 of these over the past 2 days.  I’d hope that anyone who gets emails from Verizon would see immediately that these are fake.  While they used the Verizon logo and colors, the logo is blurry, the font is wrong, the From: addresses aren’t at Verizon domains, and the English is tortured (opening […]

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Lame spams of the day: More people sending me money

Even more people want to send me money. Here are a few examples: Sender: Authorize.Net ( Subject: Successful Credit Card Settlement Report Text: Dear Customer, The following is your Credit Card settlement report for Tuesday, August 14, 2012. Transaction Volume Statistics for Settlement Batch dated 14-Aug-2012 Batch ID: 320541579 Business Day: 14-Aug-2012 Net Batch Total: […]

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Lame spams of the day: 123Greetings

Supposed friends have been sending me lots of electronic greeting cards lately — a dozen in the past few days.  Of course, the person mentioned in the cards is a stranger.  The From address has been The subjects have been: Your friend sent you an e-card. New e-card for you. An E-card from your […]

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Tales of faux donors scamming charities

The following is a compilation of online discussions of faux donors trying to scam colleges, schools, and nonprofits. In most cases it’s not clear what the scammers are trying to achieve. Maybe they’re just practical jokes. These tales were provided by Barbara Esteve at Cedar Crest College, Roylene Gallas at the Little City Foundation, Don […]

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Lame spams of the day: More fake LinkedIn invitations

These are similar to the Linkedin scam I wrote about a year ago.  At a casual glance they look like real LinkedIn invitations, but a moment of scrutiny shows they aren’t real. Genuine LinkedIn invitations include a photo, the sender’s company, a link to view their profile, and the number of shared connections.  Also, the […]

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Lame spams of the day: eBay and Paypal transfers

I got a ton of these earlier this week.  First clue it’s spam: when you get 10 versions of the same message.  I particularly like the randomized “buyer emails” like  The text was variations on this theme: Transaction ID 934493892393 Transaction Time : 7/23/2012 03:00 PDT Your funds are now available Dear, The […]

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Lame spam of the day: You are highly needed

Most of these 419 scam emails aren’t worth glancing at, but the language in this one was too good to pass up.  Including links to real news stories is a nice touch.  I liked the lines: one has to be very careful because a lot of scammers are out there to scam innocent citizens and […]

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